Understanding And Detecting Slab Leaks

Understanding And Detecting Slab Leaks

In North Texas underground leaks can be a major issue for home and business owners. Unfortunately the soil in the Metroplex and surrounding areas is actually partially to blame for this problem. Other major issues, depending on where you are located, are a combination of poor drainage, low lying areas and water that tends to pool on the surface of the ground rather than effectively drain.

After a period of rainfall in the winter the soil absorbs the moisture and becomes saturated. This changes the support that the soil provides to the slab, usually not in a uniform way, and the weight on the slab combined with softer soil causes it to shift. While you may not notice this in your home or business, the change in the pressure on water and sewer lines can cause the pipes to crack, separate at a joint or to bend. Then, in the hot, dry summer months the ground hardens and tightens, further damaging the pipes with constant contraction and shifting.

Adding to the soil shifting and heaving problem is the issue with the types of trees that grow so well in the area. These trees tend to have very rapidly spreading roots that expand to find additional sources of water. A leaking pipe is the perfect trigger to cause the invasive roots to wrap around the pipe or even get into the pipe, further damaging or completely clogging the line.

Detecting water leaks under the foundation is not as easy as you may think. In the case of a very slow leak you may not notice anything other than a water bill that keeps gradually getting bigger and bigger. However, sometimes the water leak is significant and you will see water on the surface around the foundation of the house or in low lying areas of the yard. This is typically a sign of a very sizeable leak that may be costing you thousands of dollars if left unrepaired. If the hot water lines are leaking you will not only be paying for the additional water that is leaking back into the soil but you will also have a much larger electrical bill than you are used to seeing.

If you have concerns about your water lines, have any changes in water bills or water and electrical bills, notice lower water pressure than normal or any signs of water pooling unusually in your yard it is important to have your lines checked. New technology allows plumbing companies to use specialized equipment to detect leaks through cameras and very sensitive equipment to locate and repair the problem, protecting your foundation and saving you money.

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